Ebook Transformeer uw big data in big value

Ebook Transformeer uw big data in big value

Uw retailsystemen bevatten bergen data afkomstig van POS, logistiek, CRM, van social media tot de weersverwachting. Stelt u zich eens voor dat deze big data voor u aan het werk gaat, u hierdoor verbeterde inzichten krijgt en tot het creëren van nieuwe kansen komt. Klinkt moeilijk?

Lees het SAP E-book  Transform Your Big Data into Big Value

Your retail systems hold massive quantities of data from point of sales (POS), logistics, sourcing, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to social media and even weather forecasts. Put that big data to work and you can generate greater insights and unlock new opportunities.

You can also perform advanced analysis or planning on this large volume of data and bring your business performance to the next level.

Finally, give your employees access to real-time information to make the most relevant decisions and initiate actions that directly impact transactions and customer experiences.

Sound difficult? It’s not – with SAP. A comprehensive and proven portfolio of solutions and services helps you get the most from all your big data. Rapidly collect, manage, analyze, and act within the retail moment to create new value across channels and lines of business.

The innovative SAP HANA platform, for example, can help access and deliver information at unprecedented speeds – up to 100,000 times faster than before.

A New Retail Paradigm, Solving Big Data to Enhance Real-Time Retailing

The following Aberdeen webcast and research paper focus on Big Data in the Retail industry. Learn about what is Big Data and why is it an opportunity for the Retail industry, the business value of Big Data and the key use-cases for Retail organizations, and discover the key technology enablers for your Big Data initiatives.

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